Grit Blasting

Grit blasting is another means of surface conditioning, and deburring. Pencil blasters or “abrasive jet machines” are very effective at wearing away small burrs in intricate cavities and holes that are not easily accessible by other means. Larger blast machines are useful for scale or rust removal, general surface condintioning where matte finishes are required, or deburring of fine burrs over larger areas.

Abrasive grit blasting can be used to remove burrs without causing a secondary burrs that cutting tools may leave behind. Another use is glass beading of surfaces to clean and provide uniform finishes. This provides smooth matte finishes for surgical instruments and other products.

DHI has both high pressure abrasive jet machines, and suction type blast cabinets. We keep in stock several grades, or grit sizes of aluminum oxide, silicone carbide, sodium bicarbonate, glass beads, and plastic media. We can abrasive blast most objects that will fit through a 20″ X 30″ door.