Buffing, Polishing, & Surface Conditioning

Surface conditioning is also a big part of what we do at DHI. This includes blending and grooming operations using belt and disc grinders, flap wheels, unitized wheels and other means to polish or blend surfaces to meet B/P requirements. Buffing jacks from 3/4 to 3 HP using cotton buffs, high strenghth discs, rubberized abrasive wheels and various other wheels and compounds, rounds out our surface conditioning capabilities. Whether its grinding the gates off a casting, blending tooling mismatches, satin finishing a medical instrument, or buffing a mirror finish on a decorative piece of work, we are capable and ready to put the finish you need on your product.

Polishing of airfoils on integrally bladed rotors, and vane stators, for the turbine engine industry is one of our specialties.

Modern CNC machining centers and short lead times, has lead to the 3D milling of complex shapes from bar stock, that were formerly made from forgings. This generally requires some finish blending or polishing to acheive the finish requirements and dimensions on the B/P. Our skilled operator can satisfiy those needs. We actually hand grind and polish some rough machined products to finished dimensions checking conformity with thickness gages and the like. Bring your benching, or surface conditioning challenge to us for a free evaluation.