Parts Cleaning

Our deburring services include the cleaning of your parts to remove any residues that may remain on your parts from the deburring operations. DHI uses three aqueous cleaning systems, two with ultrasonics, and each with a different chemistry to provide the right solution for cleaning your parts. We also have open barrel and vibratory cleaning capabilities in out tumbling department. This capability allows us to offer cleaning services in addition to our deburring service, for customers that may need cleaning only. Effective cleaning processes involve many considerations, such as blind holes or cavities, material types, and the type of residue to be removed. We have the equipment, cleaning solutions, and experience to get the job done. Call us with your toughest cleaning problem for a free analysis and quotation. We will process complimentary samples and develop the best process for your particular problem.

Parts Marking & Identification

Our customers occasionally need minor parts marking, and it is convenient to get it done while the parts are at deburring. We can do minor vibro etch, abrasive etch (customer provides stencils), and paint filling of engravings.