Over a period of 40+ years, we have continued to add related services to our core disipline of hand deburring. Mass media finishing, buffing, polishing, grit blasting, along with hand deburring and parts cleaning, can all be found under one roof. Not only does this provide one stop shopping for deburring services, but it allows our engineers to select the best processes to acheive the desired result. This “added value” is of great benefit to our customers that may not have the experience or resources to put the “best possible face” on their product. This saves trial & error, and the expense of buying tools and abrasives that may have limited application for that customer. Our many years of experience combined with “state of the art” abrasive products and tools, will help give your company the competitve advantage to compete in the market place. By using DHI, your company’s resourses will be free to do what you do best – manufacture precision machined parts.